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住客评论 137条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • Anging
    Warm service, although some trouble but hotels give free upgrades, hotel sanitation is good.
  • plum7910
    Bathroom a bit dirty, there are worms. rooms have no telephones, no device, no breakfast.
  • abulanunu
    Good price, great bar terrace! you can see far!
  • b12345678
    Fortunately, holiday prices on the high side.
  • e00191928
    We stayed at this hostel for one night and really enjoyed it! The staff were friendly and helpful, the hostel had a nice atmosphere and the beds were amazingly soft! The location is good, near to the train station, a subway stop and buses, so its easy to get around Xian. We were confused because the hostel is inside another hotel. but apart from that, it was great.
  • jassion
    Fantastic cyts! next time to see if an object is still living it! very intimate-
  • muyaoray
    Clean and hygienic
  • belinda1108
    The hotel is a hotel with personality, suitable for young people. Perfume of the hotel and a public restroom smell, making it difficult to accept.
  • caseiliu
    Very good location, very close to the Metro, nice, and the atmosphere is also very good, a lot of foreign friends, very good
  • jianxie2100
    Good atmosphere
  • jason5233
    National to of, price turned times rose, 4,601 late, is not deal, hotel go of is Wen Qing route, for room more old, wall body off, room with corridor are has a unit is unpleasant of taste, near toilet of taste pungent, shower water very small, didn't approach bath, health also no, a lift pillow has a article good long of bug, scared I has. but staff also good, but yihou not select has
  • fdice
    Hotels in literary style, there are many backpackers stay. travel quite convenient, downstairs on the Metro.
  • Love Eva
    Feel character. into the room very disappointed
  • aijing158
    It easy to imagine, but very close to Metro station, very good tours, staff was pretty friendly, there are specific activities every day, foreigners staying pretty much
  • twinsinter
    The transportation is very convenient to go out on the Metro, buses, no more than 10 minutes away from the railway station, next to the North Gate of the ancient city wall, walls on the free evening stroll is easy.
  • lele1626
    Which is very nice
  • elector
    Young people in particular like! Jane by June, except for a large bed room, standard room, bed room with a youth, the front desk girl was a Tong, omniscient, very good attitude?
  • E03995478
    All right
  • songlili0525
    It's not bad
  • Floater
    Live very comfortable, hotel bed great! environment is also very good, and quality toiletries provided is also very good, perfect!
  • goodlife
    Rooms a little difference is awesome ^ _ ^ especially décor and service alien super stores
  • aspirateur
    Theme of our living Queen bed with sofa tea a lot, just more than more than 100 dollars, value for money! hotel there is a café, very warm! room very clean! recommended
  • wys197
    Hotel design is chic, young friends, couples or small groups to go out to play, especially the Cafe is very petty! from the Metro station is also very close and convenient. would consider this place next time.
  • momo_518
    Not bad, OK is a bit late, some attractions did not go to, a pity.
  • coreyli
    Clean hotel environment is not good, better inside than outside. most of the foreigners!
  • e03488215
    Very unique hotels like the natural wind is especially large on the balcony bar all afternoon attentively-
  • elvamylove
    Friends thought it was good
  • jade98
    Very satisfied and recommended
  • andi red beans
    Personally feel that the General, service better than no advantage, don't even have a disposable slippers, very convenient, it is not recommended
  • ronniewu
    Great left a good memory
  • TanBoon
    Well, there are hotels of barbecue
  • lilianwang1985
    Price is not the most expensive, but the front desk service is best
  • flavian
    Personality Hotels
  • dodiya
    Like decoration, and ordered 2 days
  • billyfang188
    Well next time
  • cindy0412
    Are traveling on my own, I think most people just like me, taking into account the convenience and safety by car, there is the hotel environment. seriously whether it is eight-room or other room type environment was good, bathroom was good, shower is very convenient, next time will continue to stay.
  • cindyjx
    Price, regular price will be more expensive, the related good, but the room looks like Wi-Fi near bad, too bad, and there is a bad smell toilet, do not feel so comfortable
  • max2910
    Hotel Interior new! from the railway station, Daming Palace, the walls is not far, easy traveler!
  • Miracle white
    Good, recommended
  • cly21
    Back ordered, for a room, but a much smaller than first night room, same price.
  • jacobcwma
    Very nice hotel, clean and comfortable also casually, like his and a small bar in the lobby, and that cute girl! nice, also a lot of foreigners, especially recommended for young people, atmosphere really well, particularly convenient for transportation
  • ddssww
    Very good hotel, hotel decoration and services is in line with young people's tunes, like Xian, like WASHE, recommended.
  • lemontree_cn
    Location was good looking, small room, breakfast is very poor, WiFi connect error, ask the front desk, linked directly to our call. brushing Cup is dirty, I dare not only is the bed soft comfortable. What do others really don't
  • evangeline_lin
    Close to the subway station, where it's easier and recommended
  • amy72
    Bed was very soft, I sleep almost late
  • e00167438
    Not that good, the furniture is old, and General hotel chain than a big gap
  • lixiamao
    520 holiday prices are really high, room small, Wu in-store phone, looking for front desk are not convenient. next time you won't live.
  • wlspy008
    Standard room, very nice, very cozy, the traffic is very convenient to go out on the Metro, bus, this difficult to hail a cab in XI ' an city of good public transit options; hotel also has a bar of Xian can be seen through the window at night, because no where, the next opportunity to Xian will choose WASHE.
  • lsjdragon
    Good choice next time!
  • m00194982
    Time is so short, failing to play in XI ' an, the hotel comfort, beauty staff lot, next time I travel to XI ' an